Where’d the tower go?

The firehouse on Bussey St. in East Dedham recently got a makeover, but even with its new siding it is clear that something seems to be missing on the right hand side. That something is the bell tower which can be seen in this drawing from a 1933 map of the town:

The question is… where’d the tower go?

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3 Comments on “Where’d the tower go?”

  1. KSweeney Says:

    Just a guess…was it damaged in the 1938 hurricane???..


  2. KSweeney Says:

    I figured it had to have been some sort of wind event to have taken it down…what a shame it didn’t survive.
    Who knows? Down the line when it has outlived it’s use as a fire station and is used for something else, perhaps the tower could be replicated (to withstand high winds of course)

    It really is a neat old building, I love how they renovated it with the red doors…it looks so much better now…

    If my memory serves me correctly, isn’t it one of the country’s oldest wood frame fire stations?


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