Dedham Tales- An Anniversary

Who is this man?  Where in Dedham is he sitting?  Why did he come here?  Answers coming soon…

Shiretown 3.13

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9 Comments on “Dedham Tales- An Anniversary”

  1. Gail (Buckley) Cullen Says:

    Peter Yates – Director. Outside Capital Market, Dedham. To direct “Friends of Eddie Coyle”


    • Jim Parr Says:

      You are correct. The movie was released 40 years ago.


      • Bryan Says:

        Mr. Parr nice to see you are still in action.

        Now for something completely different.

        There was a murder in “West Dedham ” of a Dr. Carlos Marston by his wife… you know where the house is where the murder took place.

        Thank you,
        Bryan Florek


  2. Lee Ann Says:

    Per my sister:that is in front of the grocery store at the plaza on the end where the bags were sent outside on a conveyor belt and you drove up and put the bags in your car. we don’t know who the man is


  3. Cynthia Says:

    I graduated the class of ’77, we knew that supermarket as the A & P


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