Where in Dedham?

Be the first to identify the location in the picture below and win a set of historic Dedham note cards! You must post your answer in the comments below, not on Facebook. I will announce the winner and identify the location in another post. Good luck!

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12 Comments on “Where in Dedham?”

  1. Mary Fontaine Says:

    Dedham Police Station


    • Jim Parr Says:

      You are the winner! Congratulations. Let me know the best way to get you your notecards.


      • Mary Fontaine Says:

        Thanks Jim. I really should have credited my husband. Being a member of the fire dept for 38 years he knows almost every nook and crannie. Whatever’s easiest for you. I live at 82 Shiretown Rd. , or I could pick them up.


      • Jim Parr Says:

        You could come by the Blue Bunny bookstore in the square. I’m working tomorrow 9-1 and Monday 3-6.


  2. Maureen Quinlan Says:

    Oakdale School in Dedham

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  3. Keith Gleason Says:

    St. Mary’s?


  4. I agree Oakdale School!


  5. I actually think it could be any of the elementary schools? Avery?


  6. Roxana Albut Sahlean Says:

    Dedham police station? 🙂


  7. Mary Finn Says:

    Oakdale School?


  8. Paula Jacobs Says:

    There was always a sign like that on the backside of the Riverdale School.


  9. Julie D'Addieco Says:

    Capen School?


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