Where in Dedham?

Be the first to identify the location of this photo, and win a copy of my latest book. Remember, do not respond on Facebook! The winner will be the first person to correctly respond in the comments section at the bottom of this page! Parr family members and co-authors not eligible. I will post the correct answer and announce the winner later tonight. Good luck!

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21 Comments on “Where in Dedham?”

  1. Joseph Walsh Says:

    Memorial Park Whiting and East Street


  2. Lisa Mullinix Says:

    superior Court house?


  3. Nancy Barrett King Says:

    The Powder House


  4. Mary Selig Says:

    Superior Court in Dedham


  5. Mary-Clare Jenkins Says:

    Registry of Deeds, Dedham, Ma


  6. Keith Gleason Says:

    Bridge in by Waterford’s by the Charles?


  7. Michael J Nee III Says:

    Lyons Street Bridge.


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