A Bunny Tale

Dedham has been overrun with bunnies over the past few months; giant, multicolored, whimsical fiberglass bunnies peacefully crouching in parks, on sidewalks and by roadsides around town.  The bunnies are part of the Dedham Public Art Project,  sponsored by the non-profit organization Dedham Shines, whose mission is to promote “a vibrant community through programs that cultivate civic engagement and support for art, education, and culture.”  The bunny form is modeled after the familiar “crouching rabbit” figure featured on  Dedham Pottery original and reproduction pieces.

Fifteen artists in all were selected by jury to paint the bunnies, which will be auctioned off with proceeds going to Dedham Shines in support of the arts in town.  As of today, almost all of the bunnies have been installed  all across town. This is the tale of one of those bunnies, “Regal Rabbit,” designed and painted by Catherine Gruetzke-Blais of Framingham.

For more information about the Dedham Public Art Project,  and to see photos of all the bunnies that have been placed so far, click on the link to the Dedham Shines website at right.

June 25, 2012        The bunny who will become known as “Regal Rabbit” sits in the garage of Dedham Shines Co-President Jennifer Barsamian after traveling from Chicago where he was custom-designed and manufactured by Cowpainters, an art studio that specializes in producing fiberglass forms for public art displays.

Artist Catherine Gruetzke-Blais and Dedham Shines Co-President Monika Wilkinson lift the bunny (he’s actually  hollow and not too heavy) and head for Catherine’s mini-van.

With the bunny safely tucked in, Catherine gets ready for the ride home to Framingham, where her artistic vision will transform this plain white rabbit into something magical.

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4 Comments on “A Bunny Tale”

  1. Susan White Says:

    In the collection do you have a Dedham horse chestnut place? If so, can you tell me the value? Thanks, Susan.


  2. Susan White Says:

    Oops! I meant Horse Chestnut PLATE. Susan White


  3. Shala Howell Says:

    Jim — I wanted to let you know that the Dedham Public Art Project inspired me to write a book about how parents can use public art to get children ages 3-10 curious about art and engaged with the world around them. Public art projects like the Dedham bunnies are a wonderful way to spark conversations with children about art — even for parents who feel unqualified to talk about art in general.

    My book, What’s That, Mom? provides 15 accessible, practical strategies for how parents can use public art to nurture their child’s natural curiosity about art and the world around them — no artistic talent required. If you’re interested, you can find it on Amazon at https://www.amazon.com/Whats-That-Mom-Caterpickles-Parenting/dp/0998289108.


  4. Hi nice reeading your post


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