LIFE in Dedham

One of the stories listed in this table of contents from the May 26, 1952 edition of Life magazine is about a group of Dedham residents. The article and accompanying photographs made minor celebrities of the group for a while, and you can read all about in my next post…

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3 Comments on “LIFE in Dedham”

  1. Susan Says:

    Don’t know about the Dedham group, but is that a reference to Youngstown Steel & Tube v. Sawyer (the “Steel Seizure Case”)?


    • jameslparr Says:

      It appears to be – President Truman “seized” the steel industry to avert a strike? The full article is available on Google books (as are all back issues of Life). While this story is related to your profession, the Dedham story is related to my profession. And one of my “hobbies.” More to come…


  2. susan Says:

    “Here’s a fear for your cure, Howard”!
    What a disturbing play.


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