Dedham, 1895

This is a very cool photograph, taken from the top of the court-house on High Street, looking east. Many of the buildings in this view are long gone, such as Memorial Hall and the train station, both built of Dedham granite quarried nearby. Sticking out of the trees in the background just right of center is the water tower that stood on Walnut St. until recently.

St. Mary’s Church is quite an imposing structure, seen in the back left. The large white building to the left of the church was the estate of Thomas Barrows, who once ran the operations of the Norfolk Manufacturing Company at the Stone Mill in East Dedham. The Barrows home was torn down in 1959 and became the large St. Mary’s parking lot. The stone wall that once bordered the estate (also made of Dedham granite) can still be seen along High St.

Zoom in on the photo and see what other interesting things you can find; you might find yourself lost in old Shiretown for hours!

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4 Comments on “Dedham, 1895”

  1. Robert Kempt Says:

    That veiw looks like from the superior court house. I love it. Thank you for sharing this.

    • jameslparr Says:

      Yes, most likely the tallest point in Dedham at the time! The photo came from a booklet of photographs by a J.F. Guild called “Photographs of Dedham.” More to come!

  2. KristenSweeney Says:

    It’s a shame that many of Dedham’s old buildings have been torn down over the years…I love looking at old photos…that one is so interesting!

    Too bad we can’t get someone to go to the top of the courthouse for a “now” photo to compare it to 😉

    • jameslparr Says:

      I was just thinking that myself- a 2011 photo from the same vantage point. Security concerns these days being what they are, it might not be possible. But maybe, for Dedham’s 375th…? Somebody must have some connections!

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