Happy Spring!

Today I celebrated the Vernal Equinox by hiking in the Dedham Town Forest for a few hours. This 71 acre woods has rolling hills, old stone walls, vernal pools, rocky outcrops and a meandering stream. It is located in the most unlikely of places; you probably drive by it all the time and don’t even realize it’s there. DO YOU KNOW HOW TO GET TO THE DEDHAM TOWN FOREST? More details to follow…

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6 Comments on “Happy Spring!”

  1. james v. horrigan Says:

    the majority of it is located between the north and southbound lanes of route 128, between Route 1A and Route 109.

    you could park in the mary hartigan’s parking lot; the entrance was diagonally across the street.

    the other entrance is on sandy valley road, but that piece is orphaned from the rest by the northbound lanes of 128.

    I spent many hours traipsing through the part on the median strip. not sure if it’s true today but back then at least a lot of weed was grown in the town forest.


  2. I have been exploring the town forest a lot lately – I thought you might like to see some photos (if you are on facebook). Here’s a link:


    I’m hoping to schedule a walk/ramble through the forest in late september or early october as a part of the Dedham Natural Wonders program I created this summer. I hope you will join us!

    Stephanie Radner


    • Jim Parr Says:

      Stephanie, your pictures are great! Ihaven’t been back to the forest since the spring, but would love to join you when you ramble. Please let me know. Several people have asked me if I saw the “Danger- Land Mine” sign in the forest, which I did not. Did you happen to see such a sign? I imagine it was placed there as a joke or a warning by some folks who were up to no good.


  3. John Durocher Says:

    I did see the Mine’s Danger sign.


    • RySnyFam Says:

      Yeah, it was a sign for a mine, not a land mine. I think I would have been out of there pretty quickly if I saw a sign for a land mine.


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