Who put the Paul in Paul Park? /Part 1

The impending demolition of this house on Cedar Street has inspired me to make a post to this blog after a very long time. Having grown up on Tower Street not too far from this residence at 390 Cedar, I remember it well from passing it by on countless trips to church, school, work, or Endicott Pharmacy. While it clearly is being readied for the wrecking ball with its windows gone and construction fence surrounding the property, the house never really looked much better than this in all the years I lived in the neighborhood. It was obviously much older than the surrounding mid-century ranches and colonials, and its Greek revival styling hints at a more respectable past. In a series of posts over the next few weeks, I will offer a glimpse into that past and reveal the stories of the families associated with the house.

390 Cedar St. on November 10, 2022

A little farther east from this spot, on the corner of Cedar and Tower Streets, lies Paul Park. During the summer in the 1960s, Paul Park was practically my second home. My brothers and sisters and I would make the short walk there with neighborhood friends to spend the day making pot holders and plaster of Paris animals, playing red rover, checkers, and mancala (which we called simply KAY-la for some reason), and holding Jimmy Fund White Elephant Sales under the supervision of the young park instructors of the Dedham Rec Department. I’m sure none of us knew that the park where we spent so much time and loved so well owed its name, in fact its very existence, to the family who once lived in that spooky, rundown old house at 390 Cedar Street.

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8 Comments on “Who put the Paul in Paul Park? /Part 1”

  1. Steve Kirsis Says:

    I believe my friend Jay Cassidy lived to the left of that house. I can remember 2 young children living there. This was when I was playing baseball at Paul Park, Little League. The house was always a mystery at that young age. Scary. 1955-1960


  2. toby cabot Says:

    Welcome back! I’ve always wondered what that creepy house’s story is so I’m looking forward to your upcoming posts!


  3. David White Says:

    back in the 60’s a family with 2 boys, Hayden lived in that house


  4. Elena malin katz Says:

    In the 60s the family who lived in the house were the Hayden family. They had a son named Lester. He played with my older brothers. At paul Park one of the leaders was Annemarie and Mary O haras mother.


  5. Phil Wallace Says:

    What are used to put wiffleball with Lester Hayden when he lived there when we were kids always played at Paul Park What is on that summer baseball team that used to travel on our bikes to the different parks to play games with our glove on the handlebars Rain or shine


  6. Mary Says:

    Very interesting!!


  7. Mary Gough Says:

    Tell me more !


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