More Mall!

These scans are ads from the Dedham Transcript’s 1986 supplement celebrating the town’s 350th anniversary. The first pic shows that odd little sunken garden where people could sit and relax. Also visible is one of my favorite stores- Paperback Booksmith. I would browse there while my father did the grocery shopping at Stop and Shop down the other end. I remember once spotting this creepy looking paperback with a silver reflective cover and being immediately drawn to it- Stephen King’s The Shining.

This ad lists all the stores that were still in business in September, 1986. Woolworth’s was still hanging in there in ’86, but. alas, looks like Wrangler Wranch had reached the end of the trail.

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6 Comments on “More Mall!”

  1. susan Says:

    Remember when they would put up a temporary Hickory Farms store in that recessed garden area right around Christmas?


    • jameslparr Says:

      Was that only temporary? I just remember that the cheese smell in there was overwhelming.


      • susan Says:

        My memory is that the one in the recessed garden was only temporary. But I think at one point there was a permanent location in one of the regular storefronts. Isn’t that right? Wasn’t there a Hickory Farms between the Hallmark store and the Baker’s shoe store, right across from Brighams?


      • jameslparr Says:

        Could be- I never shopped there; it was always just a good source for my juvenile wisecracks about the girls who worked there cutting the cheese.


  2. Hoping someone remembers…gymnastics show in the mall, mid 80s. No one else remembers this. They think I’m crazy. Also, every Christmas those stupid bears popping in and out of logs. And b101 record giveaway…help!


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