Working at the Mall

My first job at the Mall was as a stockboy at Woolworth’s during my junior year. A few of the neon letters in the outdoor sign were always broken, so we called it oolwo’s. They let me have a bookcase they were going to throw out, and I still have it in the classroom in which I teach in Framingham. And I still have this name tag for some reason.

Wrangler Wranch
Senior year I moved down the mall to Wrangler Wranch, across from Bradlee’s. This was one of the Mall’s first stores and was originally called Mr. Slacks. It was a fun job, even though I was a lousy salesman. I remember making a little boy cry when I told his mother that maybe a “husky” size would fit him better. I used to go into Pewter Pot and get a chocolate chip muffin heated up in the microwave smothered in butter. I think I worked here through my senior year in college, when my retail career at the Dedham Mall ended.

Note the Wrangler corduroy flares and groovy Earth shoes

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2 Comments on “Working at the Mall”

  1. Lee Ann Says:

    I remember that kid from homeroom. Years and years of homeroom


  2. Mike K Says:

    Hey Jim Parr,

    I worked at the Mr Slacks in the Cape Cod Mall roughly from 1971 through 1976 , with some breaks. We are probably around the same age. I graduated from high school in 1972.

    I forgot the owners name, but the regional managers name was Ken. It closed probably because they overstocked double knit suits that fell out of fashion. It was a fun easy job, and Jacqueline Onassis asked to use thebathroom once, probably bc the store was empty.


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